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As a registered charitable organization (No. 77 of 2012 – 6855), CMF needs a constant flow of funds to run and maintain its rented building, where the music lessons occur, to maintain the instruments, to buy more instruments and to buy music books. So, if you can help us, it would be wonderful. CMF would most gratefully receive donations in cash or kind. For cash donations go to our PayPal form below. If you didn’t ever quite make it as a rock star in your earlier years and that guitar is still there in the cupboard, get it out and get it to us. If shipping costs are a problem, talk to us about arranging a combined shipment. If you would like to run a fund raising event or initiative, talk to us about supporting you in that effort. Or if you have any ideas for funding, again, we would love to hear from you.

Anything that you do or give, however small, will make a real difference; it will go directly to CMF and your reward will be the smiles on the faces of young Kayak musicians playing away.

Thank you.

Donation Amounts are in US$ and please leave us a note in the “Donation Message” box.

Carriacou Music Foundation
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Your donation helps to support the Carriacou Music Foundation. Please give as generously as you can. Payments are collected securely via PayPal and the details you enter in this form are not shared with any other website.

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The following readers have generously given donations

Sandra Preisig on 21st June 2013

"good luck with cmf"
Andrew Brewer on 17th July 2013

"All the best."
Wolf Juekoff on 24th July 2013

"May donors attend performances or training sessions?"
Bettina Kinder on 20th December 2013

"I love the idea,of teaching children doing music and would like to support something to equip that and make it possible. If I can make it I´ll pass by personally in January, merry chrismas Tina (from Harvey Vale)"
Music Lover on 22nd July 2014

"Bless Up!"
on 20th June 2017


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